How do I best meet other members to play against?

Your best option is to come to a club day.  You might also consider playing interclub for some regular matches or joining in club competitions and tournaments.  You can also contact the office and enquire about other players of  similar ability to play with.

How do I book a court?

Use our online booking system. Remember to confirm your booking when you arrive at the club.

Can I bring a friend who’s not a member?

Absolutely – but there is a visitor’s fee of $10 which you will be charged. After 3 visits you should probably start dropping a few hints about them becoming a member too.


When’s the best time to get a tennis court?

The courts are nearly always free week day afternoons before 3pm, but some courts are also available for booking almost anytime, subject to tournaments, club days and coaching etc.

Our tennis courts can get busy so make sure you check out the online booking system. You can book up to 9 days ahead.

Can I get tennis coaching at KTSC?

Evolve Tennis are based at KTSC and have a range of options available from individual and group lessons for a variety of ages, to Active Tennis sessions for fun and aerobic fitness. You can contact them by phone (04) 479 1386, or at evolvetenniscoaching@gmail.com

Do you have club days?

Club days are run for both Tennis and Squash catering for all abilities. Junior club days are run separately from the Adult club days. See the Club Day section for more details.

What time can I start playing tennis in the morning?

Tennis may commence from 7:30am.  Lights may NOT be turned on in the mornings – see below.

How do I turn on the tennis court lights?

Only Courts 1,2 , 5 & 6 are available for use after dark until 10pm. ( In order to comply with our resource consent conditions,  Courts 3,4,and 7 must not be used once the lights are turned on, even if you think there is sufficient light to play).

There are 2 switches on the hall wall directly opposite the toilets.  The left hand switch operates the bottom courts, (5 & 6) and the right hand one, the top courts (1 & 2).  Be sure to turn them off when you have finished please.

Are there any child-minding facilities?

Parents with preschoolers are welcome to bring their child/children to Midweek tennis on a Thursday morning.  In the summer time play starts at 9.30am and in the winter season play starts at 10am.  Childcare will be shared between Midweek members and parents.  If you are not a member of our Club, a visitors fee of $10 per visit will need to be paid.  If possible please email the Club in advance (ktscnz@outlook.com) to notify us that you are going to visit.  You will be made very welcome.  We have a range of toys suitable for preschoolers, but suggest you bring a snack-box for your child/children.


When is the best time to get a squash court?

Courts are available to book anytime subject to interclub, club day and tournament bookings, but the busiest time is 4.30pm to 7.30pm weeknights.

What’s the story about squash interclub?

Contact the KTSC office or the Squash Club Captain and organise yourself a “grading”. Once you’ve got a grading you’re ready to play interclub, the home and away team’s event played one night a week. Home teams always put on the after-match spread, so although it’s competitive, interclub’s fairly social too.

But I’m not super competitive…

Then put your name down for our in-house ‘Innerclub’. It’s a fine way to meet other players. Innerclub leagues are run outside the main squash season – generally Sept/October-ish and again Feb/March.  This is a very popular fun competition so make sure you send in your registration as soon as you receive your email advice about upcoming leagues!

Can I get squash coaching at KTSC?

Yes – we have several members who are qualified squash coaches.  Please contact the KTSC office for details.

How do I turn on the squash court lights?

Once you confirm a squash booking in the booking system, the court lights will turn on automatically.