Parent Guidelines

Guidelines for Parents of Junior Tennis Players

  • Encourage your child(ren) if they are interested in participating in junior tennis, without forcing them to play.
  • Remember children are involved in junior tennis for their own enjoyment, not for that of adults.
  • Encourage children to play to the best of their ability but always play by the rules and with a good attitude.
  • Focus on effort, skill development and performance rather than on the outcome.
  • Praise children for the good things they do rather than criticise them for making mistakes or losing.
  • Lead by example and display good sportsmanship for children to copy.
  • Acknowledge good performance by both (all) players.
  • Do not:
  • coach from the side-line during competitive matches;
  • impede play by standing directly by the court your child is on (the exception to this is Novice and U10 grades where parents may assist with scoring and explaining rules);
  • walk behind courts while a point is being played (wait until there is a break between points and move quickly across).
  • Be courteous in communication with players and volunteer administrators.
  • Respect officials’ decisions and teach children to do the same.
  • Recognise the value and importance of volunteer administrators and show appreciation and support for the time, effort and resources they put into junior tennis. Without them children could not participate.
  • Parent volunteers run all junior events / activities and you should be prepared to assist when requested. Interclub team parents are rostered on to run one Friday junior club night each season. Parents are welcome to offer any skills, services, or contacts, that they have and which they consider may be of benefit to the club.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Guidelines for Junior Tennis Players, ‘The Way We Play’ and encourage your child(ren) to do the same.