Player Development

Tennis is a great sport no matter what age you start playing. Make sure the focus is on enjoyment and your child’s tennis skills will grow in leaps and bounds.

New to Tennis

If your child is new to tennis and you are interested in coaching options check out the excellent website from the coaches resident at KTSC – Evolve Tennis:

  • Consider starting with the Tennis Hot Shots programme
  • Or if your child is interested in playing competitive interclub tennis consider group / squad training with others of a similar ability

Advanced Junior

If your child or teen is serious about their tennis, is playing junior interclub at A Grade or above, or training 2-3 times per week you may want to consider further specialised coaching. There are a number of options available within the Wellington region, however this is a very fluid space with options varying year on year (and term on term) depending on demand.

If you are considering this route we would recommend that you contact the KTSC Junior Tennis Convenor for further information. The Convenor can also put you in touch with parents who have travelled this route and can point out the advantages and pit falls learned along the way.




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