Senior Tennis

The club members at KTSC are a really committed bunch of tennis players.  Most of us play interclub and we’re always wanting to welcome new members, whatever your skill level and age.  We play because we’re either competitive; we’re playing with our kids; or we love playing with our friends and having a lot of fun.  There is a place for all types of players at our club.

If you would like to play interclub?  The club has teams at all levels of competition –  Mixed, Women’s and Men’s – from entry level up to Premier 1 (KTSC’s Premier 1 Mens team won the competition in 2020/21 !).  Most teams have a social element as well.

Club Days

  • Thursdays 6-7.30pm Senior combined doubles Men’s & Ladies Hit night
    2 Courts available (Courts 1 & 2). 20 minutes rotations.
    Commencing Thursday 3rd November – 22 December 2022 (dates to be renewed in new year). 
  • Sundays 2-4pm
    both Juniors & Seniors welcome
    5 Courts available (Courts 1,2,3,6,7). 20 minute rotations
    6 November to 18 December 2022 (dates to be renewed in new year)
  • Midweek 9.30-11am Tuesdays & Thursdays


Summer Interclub options: Terms 4 and 1 – signups usually come out in early August.

  • 8.30am Saturday morning Tecnifibre men’s and women’s competition (doubles and singles competition)
  • 1pm Saturday afternoon Mixed teams
  • 1pm Saturday afternoon Premier teams (doubles and singles competition)
  • 6pm Monday evening Men’s A and B Grade (doubles and singles competition)
  • 6.30pm Tuesday evening Women’s (doubles competition)

Winter Interclub options:  Terms 2 and 3 – signups usually come out in late April.

  • 1pm Sunday afternoon Frampton’s Mixed competition (doubles)
  • 9am Mid-week Mondays-Fridays

For further information please contact the KTSC office.


You can join Khandallah Senior Tennis now:  Become a Member.  Or, if you would like to check us out first, come and see us as a Visitor ($10 fee applies per visit). For further information please contact the KTSC office. 

You might also be interested in playing Mid-week tennis as well, please, visit the Mid-week information page here:

Court Booking

If you just wish to play social tennis, the club has an online booking system that you can access from your phone or home computer or you can email or call up the office to request a court booking.

You can bring your friends and kids/family – visitor fees are $10 per adult or $5 per child under 18yrs old.


Evolve Tennis Coaching  have a plenty of coaching programs to suit players who wish to improve their tennis skills.  You may contact them directly on ph 04 479 1386.


Tennis Gear and Apparel

Thump Sports have a truck-load of tennis gear available from their specialist shop located in the clubrooms.

Please contact Thump Sports directly if you would like to make an appointment to be fitted out for a new racquet ph 04 891 0176.

If you have any questions about the club, please, don’t hesitate to contact the Club Office phone 04 939 6210.

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